Rose Petals

Irish Country Blend


A dreamy blend of green Hydrangea Petals and Creamy White Rose Petals. Reminiscent of our beautiful Irish countryside. Perfect as confetti, and also for creating petal aisles and pathways, as well as for table and cake decoration. 

  • eco-friendly, freeze-dried rose petals
  • 100% natural, no dyes or harsh pesticides use
  • bio-degradable
  • won’t wilt or stain under normal conditions
  • not slippery under normal conditions

Delivery: 2-5 working days within Ireland. International deliveries may take longer. If you need your petals quicker than this please email us to let us know and we'll do our best to get your order delivered to you sooner -

Quantities: for confetti we recommend allowing for 2/3 of a cup to 1 cup per guest, and there are 5 cups in every litre sold, e.g. for 30 guests we would recommend 4-6 litres of petals to ensure there is a handful for each of those guests. Click here for more info on quantities.

Colours: please note that as our freeze dried petals come from natural, undyed roses, there are some variations in colour as each rose harvested and freeze dried is individual. The picture you see on screen is a guide only, and may also differ from screen to screen. Please use our sample service if you are very particular about the colour of petals you want to receive.


Our freeze dried confetti petals are available in several sizes. Use the Dropdown menu to select the quantity needed. Our smallest box size is 2 litres which is ideal as personal confetti, or for baths/decorating a dinner table etc. Our largest box sizes are ideal for confetti, wedding decoration, petal pathways etc.

Not sure of quantities? Check out our Quantities page for further info.

  • 2 litre size - 10 cups/ approx. 10 handfuls of petals
  • 4 litre size - 20 cups/approx. 20 handfuls of petals
  • 6 litre size - 30 cups/approx. 30 handfuls of petals
  • 8 litre size - 40 cups/approx. 40 handfuls of petals
  • 12 litre size - 60 cups/approx. 60 handfuls of petals
  • 16 litre size - 80 cups/approx. 80 handfuls of petals
  • 20 litre size - 100 cups/approx. 100 handfuls of petals
  • 24 litre size - 120 cups/ approx. 120 handfuls of petals 

Our petals are measured by litres and also by cups to ensure the right amount goes into each box. We do not measure by the handful, as every handful could be different. We use handfuls as an approximate guide to help customers visualise quantities. 

To keep your petals at their best:

  • store petals in a cool, dry, dark place (e.g. cupboard or closet)
  • to prolong petal life; avoid heat, humidity and bright sunlight
  • do not refrigerate your petals
  • when cared for correctly these petals can last for months, even years 
  • Please Note: as our petals are an all natural product there can be variations in colour. We recommend that you request samples before placing your order if colour matching is important to you (e.g. for a wedding colour scheme)

Not sure what quantity of petals you need? Have questions on our petals?

Visit our FAQs page for guidelines on popular uses or email us and we would be delighted to help.