Budget Mixed Petals
Rose Petals

Budget Mixed Petals

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**Please note the delivery time on all sizes of this blend is currently 10 working days**

Mixed Rose Petals in various shades. This is one of our budget blends where there may be some imperfect petals in the mix. They are ideal for creating petal pathways, walkways and as confetti. 

  • eco-friendly, freeze-dried rose petals
  • 100% natural, no dyes or harsh pesticides use
  • bio-degradable
  • won’t wilt or stain under normal conditions
  • not slippery under normal conditions


Use the Dropdown menu to select the quantity needed. Not sure of quantities? Check out our FAQs page for further info. 

  • 2 litre size - 10 cups/ approx. 10 handfuls of petals
  • 4 litre size - 20 cups/approx. 20 handfuls of petals
  • 6 litre size - 30 cups/approx. 30 handfuls of petals 
  • 8 litre size - 40 cups/approx. 40 handfuls of petals 
  • 12 litre size - 60 cups/approx. 60 handfuls of petals
  • 20 litre size - 100 cups/approx. 100 handfuls of petals

    To keep your petals at their best:

    • store petals in a cool, dry, dark place (e.g. cupboard or closet)
    • to prolong petal life; avoid heat, humidity and bright sunlight
    • do not refrigerate your petals
    • when cared for correctly these petals can last for months

      Please Note:

      • not sure what quantity of petals you need? Visit our FAQs page for guidelines on popular uses
      • as our petals are an all natural product there can be variations in colour
      • we recommend that you use our sample service before placing your order if colour matching is important to you (e.g. for a wedding colour scheme)