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What Are Freeze-Dried Petals?

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How Long Will Freeze-Dried Rose Petals Last?

Are Freeze-Dried Petals Bio-Degradable?

Do Freeze-Dried Petals Stain?

Will My Church/ Venue Allow Freeze-Dried Petals?

Will The Petals I Receive Be The Exact Same Colour As On My Screen?

Are Your Petals Organic?

I'm Unhappy With The Order I Received. What Do I Do Now?


How Do I Know What Quantity Of Petals I Will Need?

What Quantity Of Petals Do I Receive In the Different Sized Boxes?


How Much Is Shipping Within Ireland?

Do You Ship Petals Outside Of Ireland?

How And When Will My Petals Be Delivered?

My Package Hasn't Arrived Yet. Can I Track It?

I Wasn't Home When My Order Was Delivered? Where Is It?

Can I Collect My Petals?

I'm Ordering Petals As A Surprise. Will The Packaging Give It Away?


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Can Items Be Returned? How?


Do You Supply To Trade?


Can I Get Samples Of Petals?

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