What Quantity Do I Need?

One of the biggest questions we get from customers is '"What quantity do I need?", so below are some top tips to consider before making your petal purchase.


What Quantity Do I Need For...?


When it comes to confetti you can choose between Rose Petals, Hydrangea and Delphinium. The Rose Petals are larger and more dramatic in photographs, while the smaller, lighter Delphinium petals give you more handfuls per litre and appear more subtle in photographs. The Delphinium petals are also the quickest to biodegrade due to their smaller size.

We recommend 1 cup of petals for each person taking part in the confetti toss, and a minimum of 4 litres so that the photographer has the chance to take a few good shots. The more confetti available, the more chances your photographer will have of getting the perfect shot - plus more fun for you and your guests.

30 guests - 6 litres/ 30 cups of petals

50 guests - 10 litres/ 50 cups of petals

100 guests - 20 litres/ 100 cups of petals

Each of our 4x6 inch organza bags is ideal for holding 1 cup of Rose Petals or half a cup of Hydrangea or Delphinium.

Natural Petal Confetti Ireland


We recommend Rose Petals as the ideal proposal petal.

5 Litres (25 handfuls/cups of Rose Petals) is the most popular size when it comes to proposals, although 2 litres would give you 10 cups to decorate a table, bath or to add a few handfuls onto the floor or a bed.

2 litres should be enough to write 'I Love You' or 'Marry Me' in 20cm high lettering using Rose Petals.

For heavier coverage on a floor or bed, or to create a pathway of petals we would recommend at least 5-10 litres of Rose Petals. 

For a real WOW factor, you could go for 20 litres or more.

Other Uses

Walkway or Aisle: 1 cup per square foot for light coverage, 3 cups per square foot for medium coverage, 5 cups per square foot for heavy coverage

For creating heavy petal decoration at a wedding we recommend at least 20 litres, with which you can create a pathway and possibly have petals left over for confetti or table decoration.

Flower Girl's Basket: 1 litre for a small basket

Confetti Basket: 5 litres for a large basket

Table Decoration:  2-5 cups to decorate the centre of a standard circular table (60")

Romantic Evening (Beds/Floors/Baths): 2 litres/10 cups would provide a light to moderate covering on a queen/king bed

Invitations/ Notes/ Envelopes: 5-10 petals per envelope

Luxury Bath/Spa Treatment: 2-3 cups

Candle Making & Crafting: 2 litre box should provide plenty of petals for crafting. Delphinium petals are ideal for bath bombs and candle making.



How Do I Know I Am Receiving The Right Amount?

Buying petals for your proposal, wedding or event is a luxury purchase. The petals are taken from real, premium flowers that are grown naturally on our partner farm in the UK. The petals are then freeze-dried and carefully sorted to bring you the very best natural, real and biodegradable petals. 

Each rose on average will give about 20-40 petals, and each litre of petals could contain the petals from approximately 4-8 roses. So just our smallest size of 2 litres of rose petals could contain the petals from more than a dozen roses. 

Freeze Dried Natural Petal Confetti For Weddings Proposals Ireland

When the petals are dried, we then measure petals in litres and cups, which is standard practice across the petal industry. This is because weight can vary depending on moisture levels in the petals and so volume is a more accurate way of measuring.

We use standard kitchen measuring cups and a litre jug to measure the petals. We fill these to the top with petals when measuring. 

Please note that there are 5 measuring cups of petals in every litre.

Each litre will yield approximately 5-7 handfuls of petals for confetti or decoration. 

The petals are then packaged tightly in recycled plastic bags to keep them safe from moisture and make them easy to transport. When they arrive, the package may appear deceptively small but will contain the right amount. Once you start measuring them out, or separating them and fluffing them up, you will see it's the right volume.


There are lots of other uses for our petals too, for memorials, baby showers, gender reveal parties, hotel turndown service etc. 

For more details on ordering with us please see our FAQs page. For inspiration please check out our Instagram account.

If you have any questions please get in touch by emailing Hazel - hello@rosepetals.ie