1. What are freeze dried petals?

  2. How can I use freeze-dried rose petals?

  3. How long to freeze-dried rose petals last?

  4. Are your petals bio-degradable?

  5. Will my church/venue allow freeze-dried rose petals?

  6. How do I know what quantity of petals to buy?

  7. Will the petals I receive be the exact same colour I see on my screen?
  8. Can I get a petal sample?

  9. Do you supply petals to trade?

  10. How much is shipping the petals within Ireland?

  11. Do you ship petals outside Ireland?

  12. When and how will my petals be delivered?

  13. What payment types to you accept?

  14. What about Returns?

  15. How can I contact you

1. What are freeze-dried petals? Freeze-drying is an innovative method of drying and preserving real flowers. Even when the moisture is removed during freeze-drying the petals retain their colour, shape and size. The result is petals that look and feel almost like fresh petals (only slightly crisper).

2. How can I use freeze-dried rose petals?  Our freeze-dried rose petals are perfect for: creating a petal aisle or walkway, as biodegradable confetti, table decoration, for honeymoons, Valentine's Day and romantic evenings, proposals/engagements, potpourri, gift boxes or baskets, to add to invitations, cards and notes, for romantic baths, as floating petals, for champagne and turndown service, spa treatments (foot soaks, baths etc) or memorial services. Our goal is to help you add an extra special touch to your wedding decoration, event or special occasion. Our petals are a natural, beautiful choice with endless possibilities. 

3. How long do freeze-dried rose petals last?  When cared for correctly freeze-dried rose petals will last months, sometimes even years. It makes them perfect for weddings and events as you can buy them weeks or a month or two in advance, and even decorate in advance to save you time and hassle. To care for your petals please follow these guidelines: store in a cool, dry, dark place (a cupboard is perfect!), avoid heat, humidity and bright sunlight. Do not refrigerate. We recommend ordering your petals 1 month prior to your event to ensure they are delivered in good time, and are at their 'freshest'.

4. Are your petals biodegradable? Yes. Our petals are natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable making them the perfect choice for wedding confetti and decoration. 

5. Will my church/venue allow freeze-dried rose petals? It is always best to ask if you are unsure. Our freeze-dried rose petals are preferred by many venues as they are eco-friendly, biodegradable, won't stain and are non-slippy (under normal conditions). 

6. How do I know what quantity of petals to buy? 

Please see our page dedicated to this questions HERE.

For information I have broken down average quantities for popular use: Walkway or Aisle  1-1.5 cups per square foot for light coverage, 3 cups per square foot for medium coverage, 5 cups per square foot for heavy coverage Flower Girl's Basket 6 cups for a small basket, 12 cups for a large basket Confetti/Petal Toss 3/4 cup to 1 cup per guest for cones or small organza bags Table Decoration  3-4 cups to decorate the centre of a standard circular table (60") Romantic Evening (Beds/Floors/Baths) 10 cups would provide a moderate covering on a queen/king bed Invitations/ Notes/ Envelopes 5-10 petals per envelope Luxury Bath 5 cups.

Just to give you an idea of how many roses it takes to create our different sizes boxes - there are approximately 25-30 petals on the average rose, and it takes approximately 16 of these roses to create a 2 litre box, 64 roses to create an 8 litre box, and 160 roses to create a large 20 litre box!

7. Will the petals I receive be the exact same colour I see on my screen? Please note that as our freeze dried petals come from natural, undyed roses, there are variations in colour as each rose harvested and freeze dried is individual. The picture you see on screen is a guide only, and may also differ from screen to screen. Please email us (sales@rosepetals.ie) about our sample service if you are very particular about colours.

8. Can I get a petal sample? Yes, we can send you a sample or samples. Due to some misuse of our sample service in the past, we have had to introduce a charge of €15 for up to 3 samples to cover the cost of petals, postage, packaging and time.

To order your samples:

A. Email sales@rosepetals.ie with the sample colour(s) that you require, and when you need them by. The more detail you provide the easier it is to help you find the right petals for your requirements.

B. We will let you know if the petal colours you are seeking are in stock, or when you could expect to have them by (please order at least 8-12 weeks in advance of your event).

C. If you want to go ahead with a sample order we will send you an invoice for €15 to cover the cost of up to 3 samples and postage. Samples consist of a handful (approx. 1 cup) of each petal colour that you are interested in.

D. Once payment has been received we will place your samples on order and let you know when you can expect to receive them.

In relation to our sample service please note the following:

A. This sample service is intended only for customers who wish to compare petal colours (e.g. when colour matching is vital for a wedding colour scheme or similar). As our petals are a natural product where colours can sometimes vary we recommend this service before buying a larger quantity of petals if you have any concerns regarding petal colour or size.

B. Samples of any of our 2 litre boxes colours and blends can be delivered on a short lead time, if required. Colours and blends which are not in stock may take 5-10 working days. Please order you samples at least 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding or event. 

C. If you have any questions at all regarding samples please email sales@rosepetals.ie and Dawn get back to you as soon as possible.

9. Do you supply petals to trade? Yes, we can supply to Hotels, Spas, Venues etc. Please email us for a trade quotation or with any questions - sales@rosepetals.ie 

10. How much is shipping the petals within Ireland? We charge a flat rate of €6.00 for all orders up to the value of €100. For orders over €100 in value shipping is free within Ireland. These rates are for postage and packaging of your order for delivery within Ireland only. 

11. Do you ship petals outside of Ireland? Yes, we can arrange shipping to countries outside of Ireland with UPS or DHL. Please see more details on our HERE

12. When and how will my petals be delivered**?

Please note that in 2021 supply chains are much slower than in the past and most orders are taking 5-7 working days to deliver. If you need petals quicker than this please email us - sales@rospetals.ie

We will endeavour to deliver your order to you as soon as possible.

On receipt of your order you will receive an email from confirming your order, and you will also receive an email to confirm dispatch as soon as your petals have been shipped. We ship UPS and DHL for shipment of orders and you will need to be there, or have someone there, to sign for your package when it arrives. 

We recommend that you order your petals 4 weeks prior to your event to ensure delivery in good time. Please don't leave an order to the last minute - especially if it's for your wedding! Saying that of course we will do our absolute best to accommodate you if things come down to the wire. If you ever have any questions on your order please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing - sales@rosepetals.ie

13. What payment types do you accept?  We accept online payments from most major credit cards via Shop Pay and also through PayPal. Payments are secure, encrypted and we do not store your payment details. 

14. What about returns? We are happy to accept returns on most orders within 14 days of delivery, provided they are in their original packaging and in their original/ resalable condition. Postage on returned items will be paid for by the customer (and must be returned by registered/trackable post), but we will issue you a full refund on the cost of the petals when they are safely returned to us.

We do not accept returns on large orders of 20+ litres, as the petals are a perishable item and we often order large quantities direct from our supplier at the customers request and if they are an unusual or less popular choice may not be able to sell them before their shelf life is up.

This does not affect your statutory rights. Please contact sales@rosepetals.ie should you have any questions regarding returns and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

15. How can I contact you?  If you have any questions on petals, or on an order, you can contact Dawn by emailing sales@rosepetals.ie