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Autumn and Winter Proposal Ideas

Autumn and Winter Proposal Ideas

A proposal any time of the year is exciting and beautiful, but we feel there is something extra special about proposing throughout the cosy Autumn and Winter months. It's that opportunity to huddle a little closer to the one you love, to admire the falling leaves while holding hands, evenings by the fire and the glow of soft candlelight at dinner. With all that hygge comes plenty of excuses for amping up the romance - and without needing to blow the budget either.

We love that it's possible to create a super romantic, low-key setting for a proposal with just a few candles and some handfuls of our biodegradable, natural rose petals. Choose your favourite natural spot with a view, lay down some candles and petals, grab some warm and cosy blankets and maybe some steaming mugs of hot chocolate. Sit back and enjoy the natural beauty with your love, before popping the best question.

The perfect modest and unpretentious way to propose. Ideal for those who love a minimalist, scandi-style approach to living and for fans of the outdoors.

2 litres of our Red Rose petals will give you 10 cups for scattering around a few beeswax candles and creating your own laid-back scene. Find them, and our proposal collection of petals HERE. We would love to be a part of your proposal this Autumn/ Winter. 

Best of luck!