Delight someone with our petals this festive season! Delight someone with our beautiful freeze dried petals this holiday season!


Confetti and Floral Decoration for Summer Weddings

Confetti and Floral Decoration for Summer Weddings

Now that lockdown restrictions are easing here in Ireland, things are looking good for couples who have planned to tie the knot over the next few months. The weather is improving, people are a bit more free to move about and the Country appears to be tentatively opening up again. 

If you are planning to get married over the next couple of months, we've got the petals to add a beautiful floral touch to your décor. Our all-natural, eco-friendly rose petals are grown without any harmful chemicals or pesticides and are freeze dried shortly after harvesting to retain all their natural beauty, while making them long lasting and easy to store and use. 

They come in a variety of beautiful colours, from creamy white to vibrant rainbow blends. All natural, with no dyes used. Each petal is unique and perfect, just as natural made it. Our petals can be used as eco-friendly, biodegradable confetti, to create a petal aisle, to decorate tables, your wedding cake, added to invitations and so much more. We also sell pretty organza bags that are perfect for filling with our freeze dried rose petals to hand out to guests for a confetti toss. 

Check out our range of light and lovely Spring Petals here, and our Pinterest and Instagram accounts for inspiration for your own wedding. 

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