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Dried Flower Trend For Weddings

Dried Flower Trend For Weddings

I recently read this article from One Fab Day, ‘The Hottest Wedding Flower Trend: Dried Flowers’ and it got me thinking. Obviously, here at Rosepetals.ie, we love everything about flowers whether they are fresh or dried. I will always be bias and believe that flowers make everything better!! Whatever the occasion, event or even simply as a pick me up, flowers will fill you with warmth, happiness, cheeriness, love, appreciation… I could go on, but you get my drift. Anyway, back to this article and in particular dried flowers, I have often been asked if the quality of dried flowers is good, if they will last the day and if they can possibly stand up to fresh flowers with regards to aroma? All these preconceptions are just that! Dried flowers can be just as striking, equally romantic and as you will see from the One Fab Day article (and our own website) as breath taking as any fresh display. They should not only be associated with vintage weddings or for those with pollen allergies as they can bring a chic, modern, fashionable elegance to any event. As for aroma, I can honestly say that our freeze-dried petals smell divine and thanks to the way they are preserved they retain all their sensual colour making them a magnificent addition. 

Dried Flowers For Weddings from Rosepetals.ie Real Natural Biodegradable Confetti Ireland

Check out the full piece on One Fab Day (the photographs alone will get you excited) and see what you think. Then check out our gorgeous range of freeze-dried, real and all-natural rose petals that have been preserved to maintain their colour, shape and even much of their delicate scent. You can shop our range of Autumn colours here. They make the perfect addition to any wedding, as confetti, for creating petal aisles, walkways and pathways, as all-natural decoration for tables and even for your wedding cake. They are the ideal biodegradable and compostable decoration for those who wish to have an eco-friendly, green wedding.