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Just Beautiful Blend

Just Beautiful Blend

Our ever-so-pretty just beautiful blend will be back in stock very soon. We have had a number of customers asking about this blend over the past week or so, and wanted to let everyone know that it will be back in stock by the end of April. 

With it's mix of bright pink, soft lilac and creamy white rose petals this blend is a favorite with spring and summer brides. The petals are all-natural, with no dyes or chemical preservatives. They are simply freeze-dried (where the moisture is removed at a low temperature) to retain their colour and shape. They look, feel and even smell just like fresh petals but they last for months when stored properly, away from strong heat, light and moisture. You can buy them ahead of your wedding and then use them as eco-friendly, biodegradable confetti, or to create a petal aisle or table display. We love to use them to decorate cakes too!

Keep an eye out for Just Beautiful Blend, which will be back in stock and available for our quick delivery very soon...