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New Covid Wedding Guidelines For Ireland - 26th August 2020

New Covid Wedding Guidelines For Ireland - 26th August 2020

New guidelines for weddings in Ireland popped up today. For couples planning their big (small) day over the coming weeks, there was a collective intake of breath and a pause while we all awaited the updates to see what they would be. Yes, Covid likes to throw everyone's plans out the window, over and over again, and sometimes it might feel like you can’t catch a break. Saying that I think by now we're all getting used to the roller coaster by now! So what are the new regulations? 

The lowdown is as follows:

  1. While weddings are exempt from the general rule of mass gatherings (which have generally been limited to 6 people indoors and 15 people for outdoor gatherings), there is a limit of 50 people at an indoor wedding function, to include staff working at the venue. This means that you will probably only be able to have your very nearest and dearest in attendance.
  2. Social distancing guidelines and health protocols are still in place so you won’t be able to start a moshpit on the dancefloor (if you are so inclined). Venue staff are supposed to ensure that social distancing is respected at all times.
  3. Hand sanitisers should be made available by the hotel venue at key spots and at individual tables so that guests can regularly sanitise their hands. We think it would be kind of cute to give little mini bottles as small favours.
  4. All weddings must finish up and guests to have departed from the venue by 11.30pm. Great! You can party all day and still get a good night’s sleep.
  5. Guests should wear masks when arriving to the venue and their table, and when leaving their table.

If you are going ahead with your day over the coming weeks, it’s good to keep in regular contact with your venue to discuss any and all restrictions and run through the logistics of your day so that you can prepare yourself and your guests and ensure everything runs smoothly on the day.

There is no doubt that love conquers all and if you are open-minded, creative and indefatigable you will find a way to make your day magical.

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Best of luck to all those steaming ahead over the coming weeks. We salute you!