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Petal Quantities

Petal Quantities

We're often asked how many petals are in a 2 litre box, as sometimes it can be hard for a customer to visualise the amount of petals they will receive.

Just to break it down a bit, our popular 2 litre boxes contains 10 cups of real, freeze dried petals (taken from, on average, 16 roses!). Half a cup of petals is a small handful  of petals, while 1 cup of petals is a large handful (see images). We use standard measuring cups and then a jug to measure out our petals before shipping them, and lastly we weigh them to absolutely ensure the correct amount is being sent out - our triple check system!

Just to give you an idea of what you could do with a 2 litre box of petals, you could;

  • write 'I Love You' or 'Marry Me?' in 20cm high lettering
  • provide 20 guests with a small handful of petals each for a confetti toss
  • fill a flower girl basket (or two if they're small!)
  • decorate 3 or 4 tables each seating 8-10 guests with a light scattering
  • use the petals to create a luxury bath setting, and leave some leftover to decorate the floor or bed (i.e create a romantic proposal or anniversary setting)

Often the petals can settle a bit during shipping, but you can simply fluff them up with your hands when they arrive to you to restore their volume. Just 2 litres of petals can go a long way in adding a sense of romance to any occasion.

Check out the images below to give you a better idea of petal quantities, and also visit our FAQs page for further information https://rosepetals.ie/apps/help-center#!how-do-i-know-what-quantity-of-petals-i-will-need

Please don't hesitate to email us sales@rosepetals.ie should you have any further questions regarding quantities and requirements. We're always happy to help!