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Petals For A Gender Reveal

Petals For A Gender Reveal

If you are pregnant and thinking about hosting a gender reveal party for family and friends, then we have two super cute, fun ways to delight them with our natural, eco-friendly petals. 

Piñata Reveal

First, we love the idea of filling up a paper piñata with Delphinium petals. 

You can buy so many wonderful Piñata shapes online now. They're inexpensive, easy to fill and a lot of fun for everyone to gather around for the opening. If you have younger children who would love to join in on the fun of the reveal this might be the perfect way to involve them. 

Simply take a funnel and fill the Piñata with your chosen colour of petal - a shade of pink or a shade of blue. 

Our Delphinium petals are small and light, and will fit into a small entrance. They also will float down beautifully from a high spot when the Piñata bursts open. We offer 3 pretty shades of pink Delphinium - Whisper Pink, You're Blushing and Bright Pink - and for the boys we also have Summer Blue Delphinium petals and Cornflower Blue petals. 


Balloon Reveal

A balloon reveal has been the most popular over the past few years, and once again our Delphinium petals are ideal for filling a balloon as they are small, light and easy to add to a full or partially blown up balloon using a funnel. As someone to hold the balloon and the funnel while you tip the petals in. 

2 litres of petals should be enough to fill most balloons and piñatas, unless you have a large balloon or really want a super shower of petals - in which case you could go to 4 litres. 

Once again here, we suggest our Whisper Pink, You're Blushing or Bright Pink Delphinium for a girl, and then there's Summer Blue Delphinium or Cornflower Blue petals for a boy.


For The Party

Our colourful, pretty petals are also ideal for decorating for your gender reveal party or baby shower. Use them to add colour and a sense of occasion to your tables, or to decorate around a cake. Add a sprinkle to invitations or gift bags too, in your chosen colour. 

We love the beautiful Happy Heart Blend for decoration, as it features cream and pink rose petals with blue hydrangea and looks so pretty as decoration. 



So if you are planning a fun gender reveal party or baby shower, for yourself or a loved one, consider our beautiful petals as the perfect eco-friendly, all-natural decoration. They always look spectacular in photographs and really set the scene for a memorable, picture-perfect day.