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Self-Care September

Self-Care September

September, September, the time to remember... yourself!

If you are anything like me, some of you will have spent the last few weeks planning all things back to school & frantically running around trying to return items that didn't fit. Honestly, sometimes I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry!  So, now that they're back, and we're all settling into something of a routine, it's time for a little pamper! To be honest, even if you don't have kids to tend to, a little 'me time', should always be on the menu (especially in 2020) and what better way to do this, than a date with the bath tub and some rose petals!  In fact, I'm thinking petals🌹(flowers make everything better!), candles, bath, book & herbal tea 🍵. Oh and be sure to lock the door!

At Home Bath With Real Natural Rose Petals

That first handful of petals is always exciting, as they land on the water you can feel the tub come alive. A feeling of soft, sensual luxury transcends across the room as the delicate fragrance instantly helps to relax your mind and enhance your mood.  What's more, the benefits of the rose don't stop there. As the petals infuse with the water, not only does it have antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties (great for irritated skin or eczema) but it will also act as a super skin toner and help to moisturise the skin. All the more reason to take a long soak!

I honestly believe we all need to take a little bit of time out to restore the body and soul. Self care is just so important. So when you can't get to the spa, bring the spa home!!

We supply hotels and spas with petals to indulge their guests, and we also have lots of customers who buy petals for a once-weekly bath experience at home, or as a gift for someone who might enjoy some pamper time. 

At Home Spa Experience Real Rose Petal Bath Ireland

Our Red Rose Petals are the classic choice for an at-home-spa experience, or for a romantic evening with your other half, but Pink Petals are popular too as is our Budget Mixed Petals blend. 

See more petal options here and treat yourself to the ultimate bath time some day soon.