New Law in Regard to Obtaining Consent to Transfer Data to the US from EU Customers

From now on, when you purchase rose petals through our website there will be a notice at the checkout asking for your consent to transfer your order data to the US in order to proceed with your purchase. This is because, like many other eCommerce sites, uses a US server and other US based services for it's day to day business and, due to a recent ruling by the ECJ, all EU eCommerce sites transferring data to the U.S. for processing are now required to notify their customers of this and request their consent to do so.

It's a step taken to help protect EU customers, and keep them informed of where their data is processed. Always a good thing! We just wanted to make all our customers aware of the notice and explain why it has appeared at our checkout. Should you have any further questions please don't hesitate to email Dawn using

Thanks for reading!

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