We have beautiful petals for your wedding, proposal or event | Click for Delivery Details We have beautiful petals for your wedding, proposal, memorial or event | Click for Delivery Details


Here we go! Pop the champagne!!

We're delighted to bring you rosepetals.ie - a new Irish website dedicated to beautiful freeze-dried petals for weddings and events. 
Our aim is to bring premium quality, natural, bio-degradable petals to DIY brides and hopeless romantics all over Ireland. 
We have a wonderful selection of petals to choose from and will be adding to our collections over the coming months. We carry the most popular colours in stock, and can deliver more specialised colours and wholesale quantities within 10 working days to anywhere in Ireland. 
Freeze-dried petals can last for months, even years in the right environment so they can be bought in advance of your wedding and event (just be sure to store them in a cool, dry, dark place - a cupboard is ideal!). They make wonderful decoration for your wedding tables, aisle, cake display or for use as eco-friendly confetti and flower girl's baskets. They're also perfect for romantic evenings, proposals, baths, spa treatments and potpourri. 
We hope you enjoy browsing rosepetals.ie and that we can help supply you with delightedful, high-quality petals for your big day or special event.