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Confetti Alternatives

Traditional confetti is colourful and fun.... and, well, a nice tradition. But today there are so many wonderful alternatives to consider, that are equally as fun and gorgeous for guests to happily toss at the newly married couple.

Dried petals are a beautiful, sweet smelling alternative and it's a bonus that they're biodegradable, so much more likely to be allowed by your church or venue than traditional confetti. They come in so many colours and mixes, so can fit in with a colour theme, and under normal conditions they don't stain, and they're also less slippery when wet. They're easy to pack into little organza bags or confetti cones and will be appreciated and enjoyed by both guests and the couple.

Of course we think dried petals are good for so many reasons, but if you're not quite convinced (or just need some more inspiration) than this post on Pop Sugar has some excellent ideas http://www.tressugar.com/wedding-Rice-Toss-Alternatives-17797382#opening-slide