More Fabulous Rose Petal Confetti Bar Ideas For Your Upcoming Wedding

Confetti Petal Toss Bar Rose Petals Rose Petals for Weddings Ireland

We are absolutely head over heels with the idea of a Petal Toss Bar, one of hottest new trends for weddings in 2016. You gather freeze dried petals in one or more colours, matching your colour theme if you wish, and then display them in pretty baskets or bowls on a dressed up table, leaving cones or bags for your guests to scoop up their own selection of petals ready to toss at the bride and groom following the ceremony. It's such a simple yet fun and memorable idea for you and your guests, and it's something that's realy taking off as a trend, particularly for outdoor summer weddings.

Check out this Popsugar link for further inspiration for your own Petal Toss Bar...

...and, of course, don't forget that can supply you with all the petals you could possibly need to create one of these beauties. Check out our fabulous petal selection here, and please don't hesitate to contact us via should there be a specific petal colour or custom combination that you need for your wedding.

Image from Popsugar


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