Pinterest's Top Wedding Trends for 2016

Confetti Petal Toss Bar Pinterest Rose Petals Rose Petals for Weddings Ireland Special Offer

If you're planning a wedding this year definitely check out Pinterest's Top Wedding Trends for 2016. So many gorgeous ideas! We adore the idea of a Petal Toss Bar, so that guests can scoop up handfuls of colourful petals to toss as confetti at the bride and groom following the ceremony. Such a beautiful idea, and bound to be fun and memorable for everyone - and it's easy to get your freeze dried rose petals from us here at! With petals currently from only €29.00 for 2 litres (10 cups), it wouldn't take much to set up a fab petal toss bar that your guests could really get stuck into!

Check out this idea and more on Pinterest;


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