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Pondering The Rose

Pondering The Rose

Having walked around Devils Glen recently (and for anyone who hasn’t been, we’d highly recommend it!), it got us talking here at Rosepetals.ie about colour. This was mainly due to the fabulous changing shades in the trees but that moved quickly to debating our favourite colour of rose and of course our beautiful rose petals. To be honest, there was no clear winner as we found ourselves changing our minds depending on the purpose of what we were using them for. With so many delightful choices, it’s no wonder we couldn’t decide.

What springs to mind when you think of a rose? Is it red? Is it romance?  Is it yellow or is it sunshine? Do you have a favourite? Or does it depend on your mood or event? Often, that fabulous, iconic Red Rose will slip into your mind and spring to the fore, and it is certainly our most popular ever petal colour, especially for proposals. Steeped in rich velvety colour, shrouded in love and passion. It’s hard (especially when you’re a romantic) not to let it prevail, yet there are so many beautiful colours and blends to choose from. We can even create custom blends, personalised to fit in with your wedding colour palette or simply just to include your favourite colours. Some people like to keep to a classic cream, red or pink petal while others love a bright, lively mix (such as our California Blend or the stunning, and ever popular Mixed Petals Blend).

So, here is our take on our magnificent freeze-dried rose petals. We believe we have something for every mood, every theme and every event. You can use them to add a fabulous dash of colour at a sweet sixteen, create the perfect tablescape for a wedding or event, have a rose petal aisle, add them to your wedding cake, scatter on your bed, add them to your bath, use them in your sugar scrub, create the perfect proposal or simply use them as part of a romantic gesture. You can choose a different colour or blend for every event and mood, and find new ways to enjoy them time and time again. 

Biodegradable and kind to the environment, as they are 100% compostable, it’s so hard not to fall in love with them!!

You can browse all our Petal Colours here and decide on your own favourite. We deliver to 30 countries across Europe and also to North America, using DHL Express to ensure your petals arrive safely and in good time.