We have beautiful petals for your wedding, proposal or event | Click for Delivery Details We have beautiful petals for your wedding, proposal, memorial or event | Click for Delivery Details


The Joy Of Weddings

The Joy Of Weddings

So, you’re getting married? Your wedding will always start as a blank canvas as you plan and prepare, and end as a celebration of your love, now united in marriage. It is this journey, your influences, passions and decisions that make the day your own. Wedding planning gives you something to look forward to, bringing feelings of hope, joy and happiness, and now more than ever, the world needs so many more good vibes, even if the whole wedding experience has had to take on a new and unexpected format. 

It’s a difficult time for organising with the rules around numbers constantly changing but some things are still certain so allow your attention to be gifted to the intimate details such as your wedding flowers, wedding décor and wedding photographs. No matter what, when the day comes be sure to relax and simply enjoy the magic of it all. 

Our fabulous biodegradable freeze-dried petals make the perfect wedding confetti, enrich any wedding aisle and will even boost your tablescape. They help you create picture perfect memories to treasure forever, no matter how small and intimate your wedding. 

Check out our Autumn Petal Collection. We are based in Dublin Ireland and can deliver to the EU, UK and North America. We have a selection of petals available for shipping at the last minute, and if you plan in advance (we recommend 2-3 weeks in 2020) you can have any combination or quantity of petals delivered for your wedding or proposal.