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How To Make A 2020 Covid Proposal Extra Special

How To Make A 2020 Covid Proposal Extra Special

If Spring and Summer is wedding season, then November and December could be know as Proposal Season. This is without a doubt our busiest time of year for fulfilling orders that are destined to create perfect, romantic proposals. In 2020, that romance and gesture is even more poignant and necessary, especially as a proposal trip to Paris is now almost out of the questions. So how do you make a lockdown/ Covid-19 proposal extra special for your loved one? We've got some great ideas that are sure to help make your proposal picture perfect!

1. Scatter the bed with our classic Red Rose Petals. You can use them to write 'I Love You' or 'Marry Me', or simply scatter them across the bed and the floor and light some natural wax candles to create a deeply romantic and sensual mood. We recommend at least 4 litres of petals if you wish to write a message, more if you want to scatter them thickly or write in very large letters. 

Rose Petals For Proposals Ireland | Real Biodegradable Rose Petals

2. Cook your loved one a gourmet dinner and use our petals to decorate the table, along with candles and a good bottle of champagne. It's a classic setting, deliciously romantic and almost guaranteed to set hearts alight!

Romantic Proposal Ideas for 2020 | Covid 19 Proposal Ideas | Ireland

3. Pour your loved one a bath and add petals to the water, and all around. Dim the lights, light some candles and put on some sensual music. Again, this one seems like old school romance, but when we're all locked down at home... this is going to make for a memorable evening. 

Romantic Proposal Ideas Ireland 2020 | Real Rose Petal Confetti

4. Take your loved one to a favourite outdoor spot. It could be your garden, a nearby beach or forest trail. Get a friend to help you create a beautiful picnic winter scene, complete with blankets, hot drinks, champagne if you like, lots of petals and some incredible food. Again, it's quite simple but it's going to be cosy, romantic and fun. With the Irish weather the way it is, you'll need to pick a day that's cold and crisp rather than a blustery, wet one! Our petals thankfully are freeze-dried and easy to store and use, so you can buy them in advance and then keep them to one side until you are ready to use. 

Winter Proposal Ideas | Rose Petals Ireland | Real Petal Confetti

Any of these ideas are going to help you wow your loved one. They are simple, romantic and sure to make for memorable moments, without the need to spend hundreds of Euro. It's classic romance at it's very best, and we would be delighted to be part of your once-in-a-lifetime proposal. 

We send all orders out in unbranded packaging, for discretion, and we can usually delivery small quantities of petals (2-6 litres) in only 1-2 working days within the Rep. of Ireland via DHL Express delivery. We also ship to more than 30 countries Worldwide and delivery is free with minimum order. 

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