We have beautiful petals for your wedding, proposal or event | Click for Delivery Details We have beautiful petals for your wedding, proposal, memorial or event | Click for Delivery Details


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

The most romantic day of the year is coming up! Are you thinking of proposing to your significant other? We've got the most perfect, all-natural rose petals to help you set the scene at home for the ultimate proposal. With our petals, some candles, a bottle of champagne and a home cooked meal, you can create a cosy, romantic evening that is sure to be both memorable and enchanting. 

Even if you're not proposing, you can still make it a Valentine's Day to remember for your partner. With the current lockdown and all the challenges we have faced over this past year, it's nice just to treat yourselves to a sumptuous evening at home where you take the time to really appreciate each other and celebrate the love that you have. 

Our freeze dried rose petals are grown without the use of pesticides, and they are dye free too. Just all-natural petals that have been freeze dried to preserve their beauty, so that they are easy to store and use. They are 100% compostable and biodegradable and can be used to decorate a dining table, a bed or used to create pathways on the floor. They can be added to a bath, used to decorate a luscious dessert, or interwoven with candles or storm lanterns to create a dreamy, hygge-inspired setting. 

2-4 litres is usually enough to write 'Marry Me' or 'I Love You' in approx. 20cm high lettering on a bed or on the floor. For proposals the most popular colours are undoubtedly our classic Red Rose Petals and our Totally In Love Blend. You can see our Proposal Collection to browse through more colour ideas and get inspired by some of our proposal ideas saved on Pinterest

We are Ireland's leading supplier of dried petals for proposals, weddings and events. Delivery is free on orders of €49 or more and we usually have stock of the most popular colours for quick and easy delivery. 

We automatically dispatch all orders in plain packaging so that no one can guess the contents, and you can keep your romantic plans a special secret until you are ready to make the big reveal! 

If we can help you plan your Valentine's Day proposal, or help you organise your small but perfect Covid-19 lockdown wedding, get in touch and let us know. You can email us at sales@rosepetals.ie and we'd be delighted to help you plan your perfect day.