Ever Wonder Just What Exactly Freeze-Dried Petals Are? Step right up, because we're here to tell you...

Rose petal confetti has been around a long time, and a lot of people are familiar with the scene of a bride and groom exiting the church to a cascade of soft petals floating down around them. Petal confetti aisles have also gained hugely in popularity over the past few years (thank you Pinterest and Instagram!), but unless you have actually researched them or bought them for your own wedding or event you may still not know exactly what freeze-dried rose petals are. That's where we come in. As Ireland's leading provider of freeze-dried petals for weddings and events, let us set the record straight on what freeze-dried petals are all about. 
  1. Freeze-drying is a method of preservation that was invented in the 1800's. It involves real petals being removed from flowers, placed on shelves and loaded into a freeze-drying machine which then freezes the petals at very low temperatures for around 24 hours. A vacum pump then removes the moisture from the petals in the form of vapour. The process can take up to 14 days and requires professional and experienced handling and machinery. Once the freeze-drying process is completed the result is semi-preserved petals that have retained their natural shape, colour and size. 
  2. Freeze-drying gives petals great longevity, and they will last for months and sometimes years once they have been freeze-dried like this. This makes them perfect for buying ahead of time, and for easy handling and decorating for your wedding or event. Some colours last better than others, with lighter shades (we're looking at you pink!) fading fastest and darker shades lasting the longest. But they do all have a shelf-life. We recommend ordering them approximately 4 weeks prior to your event and then storing them in their packaging away from strong heat, light and moisture until needed. 
  3. They do not need to be kept in a freezer! We repeat, they do not need to be kept in a freezer. 
  4. They can be softened before use by placing them in a steamy room (say with a hot shower on), however this isn't exactly necessary and we don't usually recommend it. Once softened they will wilt within 24-48 hours so only do this right before your event. 
  5. Our natural freeze-dried petals are non-slippery and non-staining under normal conditions. 
  6. They are all-natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable. 
  7. They often still have a hint of their original, gorgeous scent!
  8. They will float in water, but only for a limited time before becoming sodden. So only toss them in water or a bath right before you intend to use them (at home or for an event). 
  9. Our freeze-dried petals are not coloured or dyed but 100% natural. 
  10. They can be used as confetti, for aisle and table decoration, to decorate cakes and drinks, for proposals, spas and hotel decoration, for luxury baths etc. 
So there it is. The low-down on freeze-dried petals. If you want to know more you can check out our FAQs page https://rosepetals.ie/apps/help-center or get in touch (sales@rosepetals.ie). 
You can shop our divine petal range here https://rosepetals.ie/collections/all and find inspiration here https://rosepetals.ie/pages/inspiration and here https://www.pinterest.ie/rosepetalsireland/

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